Champion Trees at Cholmondeley!

February 20th 2015 in Latest News

We've long known that Cholmondeley is home to some of the finest specimen trees in the region, but now its official!

Last December the Tree Register came to carry out some survey work on our tree collection, to see how they ranked locally and nationally in terms of height and girth species by species.They started with some of the trees in the garden that they thought may be of note, and made some great discoveries.

All told 14 county champions have been identified so far, with further survey work on Tower Hill and in the Parkland scheduled for this spring. Some of the stand out individuals that visitors will be familiar with are;

The Eastern Hemlock in the Temple Garden at 14.5m tall, and 353cm girth.

Our beautiful native Lime on the Lavinia Walk at 28m tall.

The old Swamp Cypress at the East end of the Temple Garden for its girth of 330cm.

The fantsatic Lucombe Oak again at the East end of the Temple Garden for its girth of 393cm.

And of of course The Sentinel, our beauty of a Giant Redwood,on the main drive at 39m tall and a girth of 653cm. Picture below.


Our other Champions include; 2 Cappadocian Maples by the White Screen; the Strawberry Tree by the Temple Garden; the old Hornbeam on the main drive; the Lawson Cypress heading down from the mosaic; a Southern Beech in the Arboretum; Weymouth Pine in the Temple Garden; the tall Red Oak on the main drive; and one member of the Sorbus 'John Mitchell' avenue on the Arboretum drive (almost a national champion). 

Great news ahead of our Tree-Mendous! festival in September, and certainly something worth shouting about!