Duckery groundworks complete

January 23rd 2017 in In The Garden

The gardens team have recently completed the groundworks for the new project at the Duckery, with first phase planting to take place in the next two weeks.

This exciting project at the south side of the Duckery has been quite an undertaking and has opened up breathtaking views of the surrounding parkland, as well as allowing good light into the existing beds. Two weeks of work with chainsaws and a digger, (and several large bonfires!) saw all the old Laurel, Bamboo and poor Sycamores removed, with the ground then being graded.

This extensive new bed area will blend with the existing beds to form large woodland style borders, with a unique range of trees, shrubs, and under-planting. Pathways will lead you amongst the planting on your journey of discovery. To tie everything together the existing south beds will be renovated in march with all herbceous material lifted and divided to refresh the planting, and give a harmonous new feel throughout. 

This area will be open to visitors from when the gardens open for the season on Sunday 2nd April 2017.