First stage of The Glade Project Complete

June 30th 2014 in Latest News

The first stage of the exciting Glade project was completed by the gardens team last week. The bed containing the stepping stones that lead you into the Glade from the tea room path had become severely overgrown with Lamium galeobdolon, (Yellow Archangel), which is extremely vigorous and was restricting the growth on the Azaleas and herbaceous plants. This ultimately led to the bed looking unkempt, tired and in desperate need of refreshing.

The Lamium has now been cleared ahead of planting the area anew this Autumn, in the meantime leaving bare soil which will allow us remove any regrowth or weeds that may appear. Sadly we also have an old Cherry that will need removal prior to planting as its crown is in decline.

This does of course give us the opportunity to enhance our already impressive plant stock in the Glade. Dwarf Azaleas and Camellias will add an evergreen back bone to the beds with under-planting in the form of Helleborus, Pulmonaria, Bletilla, Erythronium, and a selection of bulbs for all year round interest. It promises to be an interesting new development.