January Gardening Tips & Ideas

January 4th 2019 in In The Garden

Here are our top 5 January gardening tips and ideas.

1. Prune rose bushes now whilst they are dormant, cut back to just above a bud and remove any crossing or dead branches. Prune your deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges as it is easier to see what you are doing when the branches have no leaves.

2. Plant roses and bare-root deciduous hedging plants and trees. January is also the last chance to sow seeds that need frost in order to germinate (such as native tree, shrub seeds and alpine plants).

3. The plants and flowers at their seasonal best this month are Snowdrops, Witchhazel, Hellbore, Holly and winter flowering honeysuckle so do try to get out and see them.

4. General maintenance - clear up any weedy beds, clean the greenhouse and any pots and tubs ready for the warmer weather, stock up on canes and string, dig over any vacant plots that have not been dug over already.

5. With January often being the coldest month continue to put out water and food for hungry birds.