Plant of the month - Magnolia

March 22nd 2017 in In The Garden

Magnolias are without doubt the most spectacular of all flowering trees. They quietly go about their business through most of the year, and look, dare I say it, a bit ordinary. But when spring comes they burst forth with a mass of huge blooms usually pinks or white, but sometimes purple or yellow, many fragrant. We are proud to boast the full spectrum of Magnolia colours at Cholmondeley with this year being particularly good for many. From the early and truly huge flowers of M. sargentiana var. robusta by the castle (pictured almost 1ft wide) to the much smaller and later M. sieboldii in the rose garden.

The good news is that Magnolias are relatively easy to care for, though positioning in the garden is important as once planted many don't like to be moved, and are best sited so that they fill their allotted space over time. 

All our specimens at Cholmondeley are planted in lots of space and do their thing as they would naturally want to. So if you want to see them in all their glory, then come and wander amongst our collection, it is a truly uplifting experience.