Roses everywhere

June 12th 2017 in In The Garden

Rose season is well and truly here, and there really is something for everyone to enjoy with a breathtaking range of fragrance, form and colour to be found across the garden. Here are just a few;

Top row left to right;

R. 'Californica Plena' in the tmple garden; R. 'Alberic Barbier, by the Lily pond; R. elegantula persetosa in the rose beds in the Temple garden.

Middle row left to right;

R. 'Goldfinch'; R. 'Creme de la Creme'; R. 'Phyllis Bide' all found behind the Lily Pond.

Bottom row left to right;

R. 'Albertine' on the top terrce steps; R. 'Fruhlingsgold' in the Temple garden rose beds; R. 'Tuscany Superb' in the glade.