The Lily Pond gets a clean

September 22nd 2015 in In The Garden

Routine maintenance in the garden extends to all the ponds and water courses. This time around its the Lily pond that gets some much needed attention.

For probably the first time since it was installed in the 1970's the Lily Pond at the Castle Terraces has been given a long overdue make-over. Maintenance of any pond should be done on a routine basis. It started with the Water Lilies which needed dividing as the groups were becoming far too big and dominant on the water's surface. From that point the decision was made to drain the pond and remove excess sludge from the bottom (there was quite a lot of it). The Goldfish were caught (along with insects and aquatic organisms), and put into holding tanks of pond water whilst the clean up was taking place. Fresh water (pond water then tap water) was put back in with the tap water being dechlorinated. It is improtant to use some of the original pond water as it contains the necessary bacteria for aqautic life. The Lilies were then divded, repotted and repositioned. After letting things settle down for a few days it was ok to reintroduce the fish, who are liking their new environment.