Lady Lavinia

Reflections from Sam Youd AHRHS. F inst.Hort

I knew the Late Dowager Marchioness of Cholmondeley for nearly 40 years, during which time I watched her develop the gardens here which not only reflects the character of the Castle, but reflected her interests as a plants woman of an extremely high order. 

Lady Cholmondeley

Her avid interest on Magnolias, Camellias and Rhododendrons is well represented in the large scale plantings, in particular Tower Hill.  Her Ladyships interest in the landscape and use of trees and shrubs is reflected literally in her scheme for the development of the now famous Temple Garden.

Despite being in her 90's her Ladyship continued to have a very much ‘hands on’ involvement in the development of the Garden prior to her sad death in November of 2015,  something I know she was keen to see continue.

Her Ladyship belonged to an almost unique group of people who not only had the horticultural knowledge but who knew how to use it.

This, linked with her very keen eye for detail has made Cholmondeley what it is today – One of the best kept secrets of Cheshire.