Around the Garden

The Walnut Grove owes its name to a small plantation of 23 atop its main bank, which were planted during the years when the Folly Garden was a lake for ornamental fowl. Like the Duckery this area fell into neglect and is also a place where Japanese Knotweed took hold.

Its key features are the stream which runs through the lower section, and, in the south west corner a newly constructed bridge joins this area with the Buttercup meadow on the other side of the stream. 


The summer of 2013 marked the start of redevelopment for this area with dangerous trees being felled, Knotweed treatment started, and the stream being cleared out, and better maintained.

By the spring of 2017 and with knotweed under control, the public were able to access this area properly for the first time. Additional trees and shrub plantings will continue over the coming years, to coincide with the develpment of a better wild flower meadow. Grass paths guide visitor through, and if you are lucky, you might spot a flash of blue as the kingfishers fly past.