The Lavinia Walk

Leading along the gardens central axis between the Rose Garden and the Temple Garden is the Lavinia Walk which is a new feature of the gardens, and a fitting tribute to Lady Lavinia and her legacy.   

The development of this area has transformed the 94m long walk, and incorporates the original footprint of what were the old herbaceous borders. Work began in Spring 2017, with metal edging installed and the beds being marked out in a style similar to a greek key style. Over the following 12 months, the ground preparations were completed including turf edging and soil conditioning. In each of the grassed recesses a chinese crab apple (Malus hupehensis) was planted, not only to offer a backdrop to the borders, but also to add impressive spring and autumn interest. 

The planting mix is uniquely Cholmondeley, and fits the style favoured by Lady Lavinia. Climbing Roses, Iris, Eremurus, Delphiniums and Tree Peonies will give a traditional feeling early in the season, but these give rise to long flowering perennials such as Penstemon and Diascia, which lead on into late herbaceous in Heleniums, Crocosmia, Persicaria and Aster. Contrasting with this throughout summer are many half hardy plants such as Dahlia, Salvia and Canna.

General planting was completed in Spring 2018, followed by the installation of ornate metal rose obelisks, and the reforming of the roundel with its three stone benches.