The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden was the first area to be designed by Lady Cholmondeley and was completed in the early 1950’s with local sandstone.

Over time raised beds with improved soil were installed to boost the health of the roses which don’t typically do well in our light soils. Thuja lobbii was selected for the original hedge enclosing the garden and the old tennis court, but sadly due to old age and winter damage some sections had to be removed in autumn 2013 and replaced with English Yew.


In the autumn of 2016 Lord Cholmondeley decided that it was time to revitalise the whole area surrounding the rose garden. The tennis court and its fences and hedging were removed to be replaced by a croquet lawn on which visitors could play, whilst more Yew hedging was planted to surround the new lawn and keep seclusion form the rose garden. All existing plant material was removed from the rose garden beds as much of the plants were tired and suffering from disease, whilst the raised beds were lowered and fresh soil imported (see photograph above). In a new look for 2017 there will be around 350 new roses introduced all underplanted with herbs, to create a garden full of colour and fragrance.